(An ISO Certified Association Registered under Trust Act & NGO DARPAN (TN/2021/0298313) and MSME Udyam Reg. No. UDYAM-TN-27-0040698)


Indian academic researchers association is one of the prestigious associations with a commitment to academic research and developmental activities in the field of Business Studies, Social science, Science and Technology, and Tamil literature. It is a nationwide association with a well-designed organization with Governing Body, Advisory Body, and Executive Committee, and State Level Secretaries throughout the country. Being a member of IARA will provide a platform to meet and disseminate with eminent academicians in various fields. IARA invite membership applications from educational institutions and academicians to be a member of our association.


Academic or research institutions can become an Institutional Member of IARA. MoU signed certificate with a shield will be given to all institutional members. The membership fee is Rs.5000/-


Academicians, scientists with Ph.D. and 5 years of experience are eligible to become a Fellow member. Fellow membership certificate will be given to all fellow members. The membership fee is Rs.2500/-


Academicians, scientists, and research scholars are eligible to be a life member. Life membership certificate will be issued to all life members. The membership fee is Rs.1000/-


  • Institutional member may publish conference and seminar papers in SELP journal of Social Science, Research Explorer and Science Explore in a concessional rate
  • Institutional member are eligible to avail financial assistance to organize seminar/workshop in their institutions
  • Institutional Members may sign MoU
  • Institutional Members may utilize our resource for all kind of academic, research and developmental activities
  • IARA will provide collaboration / sponsor support to the Institutional Members
  • S/he is proud of being a Member of a National Professional Organization
  • Fellow Members will be issued Fellow Membership Diploma (F.I.A.R.A)
  • IARA member will get preference to publish his/her articles in SELP journal of Social Science, Research Explorer , Science Explore and other edited volume published by IARA publications
  • IARA will provide its Fellow member with financial assistance to organize seminar in their host institutions
  • IARA Members may become a Editorial Board Member in our journals
  • IARA Members may utilize as Resource Person /External Examiner / Panel Member etc
  • Priority to confer Life time Achievement Award /Best Teacher Award /Social Scientist Award
  • Guidance to post doctoral research like D.Sc/D.Litt
  • Free consultancy for research and development
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